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Are you and your organization thriving to CONNECT with challenging market and technological developments? In mutual co-operation I design, structure and capture VALUE for your clients and your organization to increase BUSINESS AGILITY and FUN. Fun should be seriously important to any organizational change. Change is the new normal. It is my job to make people see that. By focusing on business agility and fun I help to get the right things aligned and done within the organization and with partners: Turning the company’s vision into practice to achieve goals in a way that works for you. Are you curious to see how FUN shifts your mind-set and brings about fresh new solutions to change management?

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Business Agility by Fun Infusion – An inspiring booklet

februari 24th, 2017|0 Comments

New editions on change management satiate our reading markets. Obviously, change management is of great interest to organizations and affecting us. My contribution to change management is to help you to discover how you [...]

Don’t try it at home! Do it at work!

januari 21st, 2017|3 Comments

W ie fulltime in vaste dienst werkt krijgt er vroeg of laat mee te maken. Sleur. Je wilt het niet, je bent harstikke blij dat je deze mooie baan hebt en de rekeningen kunt betalen. Toch [...]

On job search or employed? Why brand yourself!

oktober 2nd, 2016|0 Comments

R REVELANCE - Reveal what's relevant! Have you defined your personal brand yet?  Are you living your personal brand? If you’re like the most of us, your answer to both is probably no. quotes that [...]